About Civil Defense League

The Goal

My goal with Civil Defense League is to help people form local preparedness groups with trusted friends and family. To do that effectively, everyone needs access to basic preparedness concepts, personal defense skills, and a little help. Instead of creating an official membership structure, I want people to build and organize locally in a way that makes sense for their group’s or individual needs.

Knowledge shared on this website does not exist to further any illegal causes, non-defensive violence, or terrorism activities. Local groups should be focused on defense and preparedness, which is better for everyone’s politics in the end anyway.

Your Instructor

My name is Jennifer Sensiba. Here’s a few things from my educational and experience background that led me to build this site:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and History from New Mexico State University
  • 39 graduate credit hours in Emergency Management and Homeland Security from American Military University
  • 16 courses from FEMA Emergency Management Institute
  • Certified firearms instructor, including NRA Basic Pistol, CCW, and PPITH certifications, Texas DPS handgun license instructor course, and New Mexico DPS instructor education requirements, plus simulated pistol armorer course
  • FCC Amateur Extra radio license (highest license)
  • U.S. Army MARS military radio operator course
  • FAA Part 107 sUAS (Drone) Pilot
  • Experience in volunteer law enforcement and emergency management work (including a police academy)
  • I have been invited to assist in training military units and public safety personnel on the above topics on several occasions and regularly consult with civil defense and preparedness organizations globally
  • I currently write part-time for The Truth About Guns