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Did you find value in what I offer on this website, or in anything else I did to help? If so, please help me accomplish a goal!

Help Me Take My Day Job and Civil Defense League To The Next Level

I earn a living working as a freelance writer for CleanTechnica, The Truth About Guns, and Shooting News Weekly. The pay for those gigs isn’t fantastic, but it’s enough to cover my bills, I love the work, and the flexibility is essential for my family situation. I’d like to get out and get higher quality stories at those websites, and to do that, I need to keep the travel cheap.

Also, I’d like to get out there more and help people the way I help people on this website and on social media. Attending events, meeting some of you, and maybe providing some in-person training events would all be great. But, once again, I need to keep the travel cheap.

I’ve figured out that the best way to do this would be to get a small travel trailer so I don’t have to pay for hotels or fast food on the road. If you can help me with that, please visit my GoFundMe for the project here!