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Sections with a clickable link are ready, and I’m in the process of preparing the rest of the lessons, so be sure to check back.

Basic Preparedness Skills

Defensive Skills and Concepts

  • Basic Firearms Safety
  • Basic Marksmanship
  • What Your CCW Instructor Probably Didn’t Teach You About Gun & Self Defense Laws
  • Intermediate Defensive Skills You Need To Learn
  • Protecting Vulnerable Spaces


Mitigating Political Violence

  • The Real Danger of Fake Enemies
  • Building Local Resiliency
  • Understanding Threats to Marginalized Groups
    • Understanding Anti-minority Extremism
    • How Authoritarian Governments Suppress Marginalized Groups
    • Special Considerations for Marginalized Group Preparedness
  • Understanding Threats to Mainstream Vulnerable Groups
    • Understanding Anti-Mainstream Extremist Groups
    • Vulnerable Places, Such as Churches, Workplaces
    • Mitigating the Threat of Revenge Violence
    • Mainstream Groups Can Become Marginalized Groups

Advanced Topics

TBA once basic and intermediate topics are covered.